“I am Jerusalem” & Palestinian Literature

“I am Jerusalem” and Contemporary Palestinian Literature tackle two interrelated components. The first one specializes in the city itself through practical activities in which students build models that represent their knowledge of the city. In addition, it uses carefully prepared tours that have educational, entertaining, and discovery purposes through which participants are introduced to the history of life in the city and the different civilizations it encountered through visits to the archeological, historical, and religious sites in Jerusalem.
The second component tackles different subjects in the contemporary Palestinian literature through which the skills of observation, criticism, analysis, and discovery are promoted in order to get introduced to the major works of literature and poetry on Jerusalem and Palestine. The component sheds light on Palestinian literary figures and leaders in addition to their accomplishments on literary and national levels. Such introduction connects students with the reality of the Palestinian national causes and informs them about it through stories, films, and traditional material.
The structure of “Palestinian Literature” and I am Jerusalem Curriculum consist of five phases that learners pass sequentially:
1. Palestinian Jerusalemite Millstones
2. About Our Homeland
3. I Am from there and I Have Memories
4. I had a Homeland
5. I am Jerusalem, I am Palestine