1.   Recruitment & Application Process-Starting August 2015:

The application form is available online and is accompanied by a short competencies test. At the end of this stage, 400 students will be chosen to participate in the program.

2.   Advanced Critical and Innovative Thinking Training:

An advanced training program for all participating students in critical and innovative thinking, in addition to English language training. At this stage, each student’s portfolio is created to include recommendations for an individual development program.

3.   Individualized Training Program:

Based on their portfolios, a personal development plan is created for each student. Students, at this stage are involved in intensive individualized trainings according to their plan and their fields of interest.

4.   Mentorship:

Each student will be connected with one of the program’s highly esteemed mentors for follow up on his/her progress. The follow up is designed according to the training and academic plan set for each student, and according to each mentor’s follow up plan.

5.   National and International Competitions:

The participating students showcase their innovative projects in nationally and internationally organized competitions and programs. At this stage, another assessment will be conducted to choose the best students to continue in the program.

6.   Local and International Summer School:

Chosen students participate in intensive trainings through local and international summer schools

7.   University Application process:

For this stage, a core group of students are chosen to apply to universities abroad. The application process is accompanied by close advisory and follow-up by the students’ mentors.

8.   University Acceptance and Potential  Scholarships


Main partner: Welfare Association

Participation Criteria
Main Partner "WelfareAssociation"