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Interactive Educational Curricula

Interactive Educational Curricula:
Through its different interactive educational programs, Al Nayzak seeks to broaden youngsters’ perspectives by providing new ways of thinking and analytical skills in order to create thinkers and creative individuals who interact with society and contribute to the solution of problems in a very effective and innovative manner.
 Al Nayzak has developed six constructed educational curriculum, each one consists of five stages; the learner should overcome the stages in a sequential way in order to get the desired benefit from the program, regardless of age and educational background. 
The program revolves around promoting and enriching the skills of logical and critical thinking in schools through integrating an educational program that uses ordinary and electronic thinking games.

Chemistry and Biology in the Kitchen and Bathroom

This educational program revolves around basic scientific phenomena specifically in Chemistry and Biology. It explains different scientific phenomena that students observe in their everyday lives, whether it is about cleaning products they use in the bathroom, or even the food and drinks ingredients. 

Physics and Electricity in the Street

The Physics and Electricity program aims to develop learners’ capacities and further advance their skills in critical thinking through sensory experiences and identifying variables as well as finding connections between them.  The program provides an interesting journey around the worlds of electronics and physics and is considered as a link between acquired knowledge and practical application.
“Behind Wires” is a program that handles the relationship between technology and the   society and aims to introduce learners to what happens behind the scenes of everyday technology.

“I am Jerusalem” & Palestinian Literature

“I am Jerusalem” and Contemporary Palestinian Literature tackles two interrelated components. The first one specializes in the city itself through practical activities and tours that have educational, entertaining, and discovery purposes through which participants are introduced to the history of life in the city and the different civilizations it encountered. The second component tackles different subjects in the contemporary Palestinian literature through which the skills of observation, criticism, analysis, and discovery are promoted in order to get introduced to the major works of literature and poetry about Jerusalem and Palestine.

" I Know My Rights" The Law, Rights and Duties

Using interactive tools, this educational program provides an overview over the rights and responsibilities of the learners as citizens in their communities.

 Science is the Fruit of life

Believing in the importance of science in raising the level of excellence in the fields of productivity, service, living and economic, Al Nayzak has implemented “Science is the fruit of life” program.