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Think ...Initiate

A fun game of 14 thinking statuses, in each card you will find a thinking status in the form of a riddle Each player has to think, s/he can use the solution code on the back of the card, they can also check the “knot” to know what to do in each status.
Skills: problem solving, analysis, thinking outside the box.
Age group: 12 and above.
Type of game: cooperative.
Number of players: one.

Number of levels: 14.


Challenge yourself
Challenge yourself is a fun game that puts the player in front of 14 challenges, with each card having a question in the form of a riddle. The player has to solve the riddle and can use the solution symbols on the opposite side of the card. The player can also review the “knot” to know why these riddles cannot be solved using traditional thinking methods.
Skills: problem solving, analysis and connections, thinking outside the box
Age group: 10 and above
Type of game: cooperative
Number of players: one

Number of levels: 14

Science Memory

Through finding the relation between the card through pictures or texts, the player develops the memory and analyzes the network in addition to knowing the scientists and their most important achievement in an amusing way.

Skills: Memory, analysis and finding connections.

Age group: 8 years and above.
Type: competitive.
Number of players: 2 to 4 players.
Levels: none.
With 4 pieces of cardboard the player is challenged to build meaningful shapes by putting them together, not covering any in order to build a shape from the ones in the shape’s list.
Skills: imagination, analysis, thinking outside the box.
Age group: 5 and above
Type: cooperative
Number of players: 2 to 4 player
Number of levels: 36
Einstein’s riddle
Einstein’s riddle is one of the complex riddles developed by the physicist Albert Einstein and relies on the basis of logical and critical thinking. The game requires a huge amount of concentration, and logical organization and sequencing towards the solution. The game addresses skills of team work and team dynamics. We ask ourselves, is team work always the best method towards achieving solutions? What are the characteristics of good team?
Skills: logical and critical thinking, concentration, logical sequencing, team work
Age group: 10 and above
Game Type: cooperative
Number of Players: from one to four

Levels: none