“Tafkeer” Thinking-Technology

Integrating ICT in Education


"Thinking – Technology" is a distinct technological educational program that aims to develop an effective and general Palestinian model on how to integrate and use technology in the educational process at schools, targeting dozens of schools of different systems, focusing on four main areas:
  1. Advancing the teaching- learning physical environment at selected schools, by establishing technology laboratories equipped with the necessary tools and teaching equipment for promoting student creativity and innovation.
  2. Developing students critical thinking skills by implementing Al Nayzak’s learning programs
  3. Training and rehabilitating the educational cadre of Palestine through local and international learning programs.
  4. Providing the appropriate resources for advanced technological knowledge, properly integrated with the learning and teaching process.   

  • Advancing the teaching-learning physical environment at selected schools chosen according to certain standards, by establishing new technology laboratories and providing them with the tools and equipment. All laboratories are fully equipped to meet the needs for teaching the technology curriculum, creative workstations particularly manufactured to enable students to work creatively on their projects.
  • The development of students' skills in critical thinking and technological production, through the implementation of two of Al Nayzak’s interactive programs which are "How to think?" and "Behind Wires- Robotics".
  • Rehabilitation, training and accompanying teachers and principals educational cadre working in schools, through learning programs inside and outside Palestine. The program also focuses on training the participants on policies, strategies and practices related to the daily use of technology and the exploitation of cyberspace provided by Internet service for the development of the educational process. In addition, training them on how to use the modern laboratories so as to know its components and capabilities.
  • Providing knowledgeable advanced technological resources and integrate it with the learning and teaching process, such as producing and developing computerized electronic games in various topics like linguistics, geography, history, science, math and technology. Al Nayzak launched these games in one iPad application named" Tafkeer", found under the same name for free on Apple Store and also on Al Nayzak organization’s website.


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Schools Selection Criteria
Learning Objects
Teachers Capacity Building
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