"I know my rights" the Law, Rights and Duties

The citizenship and rights educational program “I know my rights”, guides learners using an exciting educational plan that aims to introduce them to their rights and responsibilities as citizens in their communities. The program works on stabilizing the values of citizenship and belonging among learners through encouraging their critical thinking skills and focusing on the juridical aspect regarding the relationship learners build with their surroundings. It also works on broadening the learners’ intellectual horizons allowing them to learn practical subjects outside the educational curriculum and refining their personalities as well as strengthening their  pertinence to the community.
Through its different activities, the program allows learners to discover the world of citizenship, laws, and responsibilities using interactive tools, drama and filmed cases that enable them to think and dig deeper in their community and their duties towards it. The program speaks of respecting law and the importance of establishing a fair system that begins at the daily interaction level and builds up to higher levels.
The educational plan
The comprehensive program is distributed over four equal phases:
1. Introduction to basic rights and how to develop them
2. Rights, responsibilities and citizenship
3. Citizenship and participation
4. Law and human rights in Palestine